About Us

The word Scrupulous means "to have moral integrity; acting in strict regard for what is considered right." Movies were the freshest and most exciting art form of the 20th Century - a medium where you could reach a mass audience and make a statement at the same time. The modern film marketplace has lost its way. Now it is more important to establish a franchise than to tell a story. The directors working to express a personal vision have dwindled and now studios are wrestling control away, looking to make as many profits as possible. At Scrupulous Productions, we will change this. We want to make original, unique and COMPLETE stories, driven by personal visions, not market research. Movies that will open your mind and touch your soul. Film is the most powerful art form, one which combines photography, writing, acting, design and music all into one medium. Cinema has the ability to change the world, and it is our mission to save it. Stay Scrupulous! - DH